Friday, April 29, 2016

About me

My name is Martin Bouska,  welcome to my blog website. I am mainly devoted to high-quality osteopathic and Chinese   methods in musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain etc.) and teaching traditional Chinese exercise for health - Dayan Qigong. As one of the few in the Czech Republic , I have received title of Doctor Osteopathy from the National University of Medical Sciences in Madrid in their four years program Doctor of osteopathy. Chinese manual therapy modalities originate from traditional Chinese medicine and Osteopathic modalities  originate from USA. They includes special joint  mobilization techniques, soft and deep tissues techniques which can in many cases eliminate chronic musculoskeletal problems. Patients come to me with various pains and difficulties, as well as people who want just a preventive treatment or indulgent relaxation. Among my clients are managers, athletes, mothers after childbirth and seniors.

My journey have started with studies of Chinese medicine in Peking University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.I have gained  knowledge and skills through several years of study and practice in China´s hospitals. I have learned from Chinese doctors and masters of traditional health exercises (Qigong) . My studies  followed up with studies in the National University of Medical Sciences in Madrid including clinical practice in Osteopathy in Canada and Spain. where I was thought by medical doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists. Providing professional care at the highest level and constantly keep educating myself (the practice in Chinese hospitals, internships, studying osteopathy etc.).

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